Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Paris in Motion

Director: Mayeul Akpovi

GIF: The Gasoline Station

Sunday, April 20, 2014


'New York City Map'

By Paloma Avila


Cumulus Parasol by Toer, inflates when the sun is out.


Standardized Metro Maps Around the World (by Jug Cerovic)

French-Serbian architect Jug Cerovic has standardized international subway maps with INAT, a guideline developed to unify the global metro network with easy to read and memorize charts. Each city’s center is enlarged, to make room for the multiplicity of lines and connecting stations. A standard set of symbols is applied to each map including the line colors, stations, connections and station labeling. Angles are gently curved for a smooth familiar look and linear paths are represented vertically, horizontally, or 45, with no more than 5 bends on their entire length. Highly representative shapes are used for specific ubran features: a ring for Moscow and Paris, a parallelogram for London, and regularly spaced parallel lines for gridded street patterns like new York. All text is labelled in both local and latin characters and are legible on small sized prints for pocket use and suitable for display on a wide array of supports.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vienna, Austria (by Tarakanov Dmitry)


Vienna, Austria (by Tarakanov Dmitry)


In this striking new series, New Zealand-based artist Henry Hargreaves worked with New York-based stylist Caitlin Levin to create gorgeous maps all made out of food. Originally inspired by a passion for travel, the two decided to take the food each country is best known for—spices for India, tomatoes for Italy, kiwi for New Zealand—and arrange them in a way that’s beautifully pleasant to the eye (and perhaps stomach).


Wriggley’s Memorial. Catalina, 2012


Wriggley’s Memorial. Catalina, 2012



First prize in Science’s Visualization Challenge (video category) went to this NASA video by Greg Shirah, Horace Mitchell, and Tom Bridgman. It shows Earth’s “climate engine” — the wind patterns and ocean currents that are powered by the sun.

For all who haven’t seen it, watch PBS NOVA’s ‘Earth From Space’ - a two hour feature revealing precisely how planet works, the processes that govern climate, the spacecraft which permit us this knowledge, and an understanding of our biosphere that will forever change the way you think of “home.”


Lore of the North

An Arts Council funded project and book by Lord Whitney that explores Yorkshire myths and folklore, with  lettering by Amy Rodchester,  illustration by Tommy Davidson and photography by James Rhodes.

(Source: formfiftyfive.com)


Forget The Penthouse, This Drone Has the Best Views Of NYC

Despite all the hype surrounding drones (rumors that Amazon will be unleashing a drone delivery service among them), “drones are not what they seem to people who haven’t played around with them,” Slavin says. “They’re just remote controlled quadcopters.”

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Sculptor Andy Yoder spent two years building this lovely globe from individually-painted matchsticks. His son, reddit user yoderaustinexplains that the frame is a mix of foam, cardboard, and plywood. One by one, Yoder attached the hand-painted matches to this skeleton with wood glue, before lastly—in an effort that one may consider to be of both precaution and irony—dousing the entire form in flame retardant.

Be sure to note Hurricane Sandy collapsing upon the eastern American coast in the final photo above.

The piece will be exhibited by Winkleman Gallery at this year’s PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair, May 8–11.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

line/shadow/plane  Erin O’Keefe


line/shadow/plane  Erin O’Keefe


Hitchhiker Thorunn Arnadottir

"Could some sort of hand signal system be used to utilise the available seats in our domestic cars as an alternative ‘public transport’? Hand signals could be based on a landmark or social characterisation specific to native locations. This way we can communicate directly and efficiently, our desired direction and end location directly to the passing potential ride."